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 Local Marketing FAQ

 Local Marketing

: Have you used folded leaflets to promote your business?


Folded leaflets can be effective as a stand-alone marketing project. They can also amplify your company’s reach as part of an integrated local marketing campaign.

I run a marketing agency and I do advise my clients who are invested in direct marketing to test folded leaflets.

This is my advice:

Folded leaflets are affective as Take Ones for B to C in a retail environment: stores, hotels, highway rest areas, professional offices.

If that’s your market I think it’s worth a trial. But don’t spend a lot of money on media like this that you can’t control. Include a coupon with a unique tracking code or QR code, or an offer-specific phone number that you use to track response rates.

On the B to B side, my clients have had success combining folded leaflets with direct mail and with trade shows. This is an opportunity to connect in a different way than a one-sheet or a freebie pen.

Again, I like the promo code or coupon to track leads, but I think this is a great chance to tailor your company’s message to a specific event or your new product.

Here, I skip the broad focus that most direct marketing emphasizes to focus on event and audience. Instead, let’s offer a specific product or test. The trade show environment is a great time to test offers because you already know who your audience is.

If you’re doing B2B outside of a tree show, in my experience you’re doing direct mail. Most local businesses can use folded leaflets here to cut down on mailing costs and focus the recipient’s attention on key offerings: panel 1 is the primary offer, panels 2-4 are secondary offers, and the remaining space is testimonials and contact info.

Many local print shops can provide templates and advice on designing and printing leaflets. But a word of caution: if you’re new to print marketing, or f you’re outsourcing to an agency o print shop, be sure to work with designers and prepress operators experienced in direct marketing. Digital isn’t enough for a folded leaflet local marketing campaign.

In any case, and with any marketing project, evaluate your performance on a regular schedule: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so on.

If it isn’t working, drop it.

Local marketing money needs to create leads and sales.


What are some free online advertising solutions for a local small business?


  1. Reward social media sharing

    Providing discounts to your followers who share your brand on social media rewards their customer loyalty, and gives you a boost.
  2. Cultivate brand ambassadors

    Gaining an endorsement from an influencer strengthens your brand’s presence and legitimacy in that world.
  3. Encourage positive word of mouth

    An employee who is willing to share positive things about the company on their personal social media accounts can grab the attention of potential new customers—so incentivizing that behavior is a savvy business move and a great way to advertise your business for free.
  4. Try interactive content

    Putting interactive content on your website, blog, or social media platforms is both fun and informative for your customers.
  5. Give your customers a behind-the-scenes look

    Giving customers a greater sense of what goes into making your product is a transparent way to interact with your customers, which’ll give you a credibility boost.
  6. Offer free giveaways

    A giveaway of your product or service can grab the attention of those who might not usually think to spend their money with your business.
  7. Try Facebook live video

    Using live video through Facebook or other social media channels can humanize you and your business, and make any customer even more likely to become a loyalist.
  8. Get visual on Instagram

    While Facebook dominates in terms of overall number of users, Instagram followers for certain brands—including titans like Nike and Starbucks—have surged lately.
  9. Try engaging on Snapchat

    Use Snapchat to your business’s advantage: promote upcoming events, share exclusive “behind the scenes” content, or give followers access to special deals or coupons.
  10. Cultivate your Pinterest board

    Start pinning to meet new customers, drive more traffic to your website, and advertise your business for free.
  11. Join in on Twitter chats

    Twitter chats are an excellent way to network, share ideas, gain new social media followers, and one of the overall best ways to advertise your business.
  12. Expand into LinkedIn groups

    The Groups function on LinkedIn is a great way to find like-minded individuals and other entrepreneurs who can provide you with advice on running your business.
  13. Partner with other small businesses

    Reach out to other business owners whose goods and services complement yours, and see if they’re open to creating a cross-promotional deal with you
  14. Support local charities

    Donating your goods or services for a silent auction for a local charity, blogging about your staff’s volunteer work at a nearby soup kitchen, or sponsoring a music or arts festival in exchange for promotional material at the event will advertise your brand while supporting worthy, localinitiatives.
  15. Create alluring displays

    Create a unique storefront display that will get the locals talking, or using a service like Moo.com to print custom stickers for your business.
  16. Brand your business vehicles

    Auto wraps are typically made of vinyl, and they let you turn your car into a four-wheeled advertisement for your company.
  17. Plan a community event

    Hosting a local event puts you face-to-face with your brand’s loyalists, and gives you a chance to make a strong, positive impression.
  18. Be active in your neighborhood

    Partnering with large businesses, realtors, or moving companies to offer discounts or participating in welcome packages for new residents will put you top of mind for your new neighbors.
  19. Keep active email outreach 

    Unlike blogging or podcasting, emails give you a way to reach out, rather than waiting for customers to come to you.
  20. Get out on the Airwaves 

    The overhead cost of starting a podcast is minimal—a high-quality microphone can be found for less than $100, and free editing software like GarageBand or Audacity make creating high-quality audio a breeze. 
  21. Source- QUORA.COM

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